12 Alwars of Ramanuja Sampradaya had showered poems on our Lord.

Radhakrishna, Mathura

பொருள்கையுண்டாய்ச்செல்லக்காணில் போற்றினெற்றேழுவர்

இருள்கொள்துன்பத்திமைகாணில் என்னேயென்பாருமில்லை

மருள் கொள்செய்கையசுரர்மங்க வடமதுரைப்பிறந்தாற்கு

அருள் கொளாளாயுய்யவல்லால் இல்லைகண்டீரரணே (நம்மாழ்வார்)

Seeing you walk in affluence, they will come forward to wish you. Seeing you in poverty, not one will ask what happened. The Lord was born in Mathura to destroy wicked Asura, Love and serve him other than him there is really no refuge

Parasaran’s honesty & dispute within the arms of the government


Author : Sri S.Gurumurthy

Translator : C.Rangarajan

Kanchi Mahaswami

Today is Garuda Panchami and my ode to the Lord

Garuda Gayatri Mantra | गरुड़ गायत्री मंत्र

ॐ तत्पुरूषाय विद्महे, सुवर्णपक्षाय धीमहि, तन्नो गरुड: प्रचोदयात् ||

Om Tatpurushay Vidmahe Suvarnpakshaay Dheemahi Tanno Garudah Prachodayat ||

Meaning — We meditate on Garuda, the Great Soul, the manifestation of Supreme Consciousness. May He, who has golden wings, give me clarity. Oh Garuda, please bring me enlightenment and inspiration.

Thiruvelliyankudi temple, near Kumbakonam — Here, the Lord is with Chaturbhuja, with 2 hands in his original inimitable style — folded hands and the other two carrying the Chakra & Shankha given by the Lord

Carl Sagan in his cosmos book deals with time. Instead of the familiar route of thinking of it as a linear concept, he advocates a pendulum-like movement of time. He also mentions further that the Hindu/Buddhist visualization of time comes closer to this and is more relevant

KSRI/Sanskrit college in Chennai published the book — Caturyuga calendar of vaivasvata manvantara. It is a small book (212 pages) and a handy one too. In terms of presentation, they have done good work. My son was astonished to see the lively graphic in the cover that kindles the interest in the seeker.

Ranga rajan chakkara

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