Road to Yoga Day — Ardha Chakrsana

This is the time, where we will be troubled by fear & doubt. We can take the help of this asana to come out of that, gradually. Where there is fear and tentativeness, the immune system will also either become dysfunction or malfunction.

Hypertension & heart patients should avoid or do it cautiously. If there is a fear of falling, you are welcome to spread your legs.

How to do:

  • Balance your weight equally on both feet
  • Breathing in, take your arms to the back and support at the waist level
  • Breathing out, gently bend backwards pushing the pelvis forward, elbows and knees straight, neck also bent (slowly), and lifting your chest towards the ceiling.
  • Breathe normally and stay in the asana for 30–60 seconds
  • Inhale , slowly come back up
  • Breathing out, bring the arms down and relax


  1. Tones the back of body
  2. Expands the chest region and respiratory organs are toned
  3. Spinal flexibility
  4. A sense of confidence is instilled